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Art Basel Miami Beach

Booth B11

December 6 – 9, 2018

Installation view of Art Basel Miami Beach art fair
works by Donald Moffett and Haas Brothers at art fair
New York gallery display on view at Art Basel art fair
Diana Al-Hadid and Haas Brothers works at art fair in Miami
Art Basel display by Marianne Boeskky Gallery in Miami art fair
Frank Stella, Moksha (Singapore II), 1995
Diana Al-Hadid, Vesuviusev, 2018
Donald Moffett, Lot 101818 (nature cult, deep ruby), 2018
Jennifer Bartlett, House: Yellow Roof Left, 1998
Barnaby Furnas, Pope Innocent X (After Velázquez), 2018
Anthony Pearson, Untitled (Embedment), 2018
The Haas Brothers, Tequila Sunrise, 2018
Matthias Bitzer, Untitled (Hypomnemata I), 2018
Donald Moffett, Lot 070918 (nature cult, black star), 2018
The Haas Brothers, Pussy Galore, 2018
Barnaby Furnas, David and Goliath, 2018
Anthony Pearson, Untitled (Embedment), 2018

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, Marianne Boesky Gallery will present a selection of gallery artists, with works ranging from painting and sculpture to mixed-media installation. Among the works are House: Yellow Roof Left (1998), a painting by Jennifer Bartlett, who the gallery recently began representing; Diana Al-Hadid’s Vesuviusev (2018), a four-part panel created through her singular drip technique and inspired by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius; and Moksha (Singapore II) (1995), Frank Stella’s large-scale, intricate collage from the Imaginary Places series. The booth will also feature Donald Moffett’s organic resin works; new paintings by Barnaby Furnas, created in collaboration with tech start-up Artmatr; works from Anthony Pearson’s Embedment series; and ceramic works by The Haas Brothers, whose first solo exhibition opens at The Bass during the fair.

Artists featured:

Diana Al-Hadid
Jennifer Bartlett
Sanford Biggers
Matthias Bitzer
Barnaby Furnas
The Haas Brothers
Jay Heikes
Dashiell Manley
Donald Moffett
Serge Alain Nitegeka
Anthony Pearson
Frank Stella