marianne boesky gallery

Sanford Biggers’ practice encompasses installation, film, drawing, sculpture, original music, and performance. His work deals with well-recognized social, political, and cultural topics which he reinterprets, highlighting new narratives. Biggers’ work is as visually compelling as it is conceptually complex, taking viewers on a journey from the initial aesthetic encounter through embedded layers of meaning to create what he terms, “a future ethnography.” Among his diverse works is BAM (2015), which is comprised of a series of wooden African sculptures that the artist collected, dipped in wax, and reshaped through gunshots as a response to recent and ongoing occurrences of police brutality against African Americans. In another work, Lotus (2007), the artist etched lotus petals into a seven-foot tall disc that upon closer examination reveal images of the lower decks of slave ships. Other works draw from quilts, collages, and sculptures that explore American history and symbolism. Born and raised in LA, Biggers currently lives and works in New York City. He was awarded the 2017 Rome Prize in Visual Arts and presented his first solo exhibition with the gallery in September 2017.

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