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New York-based Sanford Biggers’s (b. 1970) diverse practice explores the often overlooked cultural and political narratives of American history through the use of antique quilts, found objects, installation, film, and performance. His work is an interplay of history, narrative, and perspective speaking to current social, political, and economic happenings as well as the historical context that bore them. Biggers’s ongoing BAM series, comprised of wooden African sculptures that the artist collected, dipped in wax, and ballistically sculpted, is a response to recent and ongoing occurrences of police brutality against Black Americans. His use of antique  African sculptures, quilts, and cultural imagery position him as a collaborator of the past. The antique quilts hold legends of their use as signposts on the Underground Railroad and he continues the narrative by drawing and painting directly onto them. After having spent a year in Rome as a 2017 American Academy Fellow in Visual Arts, Biggers has expanded on his recontextualization of classical materials in a new marble series. Biggers is also the creative director of Moon Medicin, a multimedia concept band that straddles visual art and music with performances staged against a backdrop of curated sound effects and video.