marianne boesky gallery

Toronto-based artist Julia Dault (b. 1977) creates abstract paintings and sculptures that reveal the processes of their own making. Dault often uses unusual materials such as vinyl, silk, and spandex as the support for her paintings. She first builds up multiple layers of paint, and then through a process of removal, exposes the underlying painting using industrial tools such as squeegees, combs, sponges, and foam blocks. Indicative of Post-Minimalism and Conceptual art, each painting is composed with these tools as a way to set self-imposed rules that govern the making of the work. Dault’s sculptures similarly fuse the industrial with the hand-made as each work employs locally sourced Plexiglas that is bent and rolled into shape. The artist’s own height dictates both the height and width of the final form, and the title reflects the date and time of completion. 

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